April 25, 2024

Growing The Lawn Of Your Dreams Is Possible In Just 4 Easy Steps

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Top Tips For Growing The Perfect Lawn

Turning a dull and dying lawn into lusher and healthier grass isn’t nearly as difficult as what most people assume. In fact, cultivating the lawn of your dreams is as a wonderful way to get gardening, and is as simple as four easy steps. And by following only a few routine maintenance steps, it will be a lawn that will last for many more years to come.

Step 1: Improve Your Soil

Testing your soil for the purpose of improvement requires no more than investing in a simple sample kit and test. Testing is necessary since it gives us a clear and accurate staring point for meeting our lawn’s basic needs. It does this by testing the pH level of the soil, as well as several other soil conditions known to either help or hurt a budding lawn.

A test kit will also reveal the remedy required to restore the soil’s nutrients and pH balance. Optimal levels of these are required for grass to grow in a healthy and lush way. Testing kits are easy to come by and are available from most garden centres.

Step 2: Remember To Overseed

Overseeding is much simpler than what the term seems to suggest. To overseed is simply to sow grass seed into an existing patch of grass. Doing this will create a much thicker lawn than before – and will also go the extra mile by preventing an already thick lawn from growing thinner or wasting away.

Important to is to always choose a superior quality grass seed. This goes for planting grass from seed for the first time, as well as when overseeding. Vital also is to choose grass that is suited to your specific region – and especially your particular climate. The current condition of your lawn will also play a deciding role in this landscaping decision.

Step 3: Always Fertilize

Just like humans, animals, and every other plant in the garden, lawns need nutrient-rich food in order to survive and thrive. And since nutrients are often washed away when it rains or during irrigation, once-off fertilization isn’t good enough. Most lawns require fertilizer to be applied at least twice a year – with some needing a good dose of fertilizer about once every eight to ten weeks. This is especially applicable when making use of an automatic irrigation (sprinkler) system.

Step 4: We All Need A Boost

Even our lawns do. Lawn boosters too, are available from most of the larger garden centers. These combine premium grass seed, fertilizer, and general soil enhancer in a single growth booster product.

An added benefit is that most lawn boosters are drought-tolerant and enhanced with lime and other nutrients and minerals known to promote the germination of seed, a lush texture, and a healthy colour.

Maintenance In 3 Easy Steps

Once your lawn is on course, it is important to regularly irrigate, mow, and weed.

Once established, lawns typically need around 1 inch of water every week. Also remember that mowing should happen on a schedule suited to the needs of your individual lawn – and not according to a rigorous weekly routine. You want to keep your grass soft and long enough to enjoy relaxing on it, reading  a book or indulging in some mobile online casino NZ.

As far as controlling weeds is concerned, the early fall is the best time to kill the most common weed seeds before they germinate. Pre-emergent herbicides are great for achieving exactly this.

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