May 19, 2024

Creating A Greener Home Is A Great Way To Increase A Home’s Value

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Handy Hints For Creating A Greener Home

Not only does a greener home do its bit for the environment, but the greener a home, the better its overall value also. Turning a home environmentally-friendly is therefore also sound economics – money-wise as well as in terms of working with earth’s remaining resources.

Creating a greener home is about much more than merely recycling or eating a plant based diet. There are in fact hundreds of little things we can do in an effort to prevent our country’s landfills from overflowing, doing our bit for cleaner air, and preserving our country and planet for future generations.

Here are just some of the little ways in which we as home owners can do our bit for the environment.

Plant A Garden In The Yard

Few things are as satisfying or deeply rewarding as growing our own food. A small backyard garden needn’t be complicated, expensive, or unmanageable.

Not only is it good for us to remember where our food comes from, but an established garden will help us improve the overall value in terms of what we’re able to offer potential buyers when we do decide to sell.

There are several options worth considering when planning a garden at home. Square-foot gardening is great for creating a garden from a raised bed, while planting herbs is great for beginner-gardeners.

Install Energy-Saving Lightbulbs

Energy-saving or energy-efficient lightbulbs are a great green alternative to standard incandescents. And best of all is that they’re available in a range of colours, different levels of warmth, and a variety of different light levels.

An added bonus about installing energy-efficient lightbulbs is that they not only improve the value of the home but are also likely to inspire future owners to make the switch.

Sign Up For Renewable Energy

Signing up for renewable energy is a great way to improve the value of your home by going green. More and more local utility providers are leading by example either by generating renewable energy on site, or by buying and selling green power.

In terms of the environment, the benefits of renewable energy are multiplean you can still Apostasesportivas no Brasil and enjoy all your favourite activities, only with a reduced carbon footprint. The most significant of these include:

  • Generating renewable energy produces no greenhouse gasses. This is because the burning of fossil fuels isn’t part of the process. As such, many types of air pollution are greatly reduced or even completely eradicated.
  • A diversified energy supply reduces humanity’s dependence on imported fuels.
  • The renewable energy industry creates thousands of additional jobs every year across several industries – including manufacturing, engineering, installation, research sciences, and more.

Install Timers On Water Heaters

There are plenty of advantages to investing in hot water heater timers for your home. Not only do they bring about significant month-to-month savings, but they will also go a long way to increase the value of your home in the long term.

There are several types of hot water heaters available on the market today – including gas water heater timers, programmable timers, box timers, Z-Wave and WiFi hot water heaters for automated homes, countdown timers for maximum energy use efficiency, and many more.

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